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The rules set forth are for all athletes and coaches that participate under the direction of Barre Youth Sports.

BYSA serves the youth of the Greater Barre Area and each individual shall conform to the code of conduct whether at home or away games.

Each individual under the governing body of BYSA has an obligation to present themselves in a good sportsmanship manner at all times.

The purpose of BYSA is to give the youth of Barre leadership and guidance so they will better understand the word "sportsmanship".

The code of conduct will cover all BYSA sporting events. It will also govern coaches, players and anyone else, including parents that may have a reflection on the name of BYSA.

Violations of the code of conduct will be referred to the respective coordinator and/or the Board of Directors and action will be taken as necessary up to and including dismissal from games and/or the organization (removal from the organization will require Board approval).

BYSA Code of Conduct:

  1. Play by the rules of the game.
  2. Play for the love of the game.
  3. Be courteous to visiting teams and officials.
  4. Respect the integrity and judgement of officials and accept their decisions without question.
  5. Respect the facilities of host teams as if they were your own.
  6. Maintain a high degree of physical fitness by observing team training rules.
  7. Play to the limit of your ability at all times. The true athlete does not give up, quarrel, cheat or grandstand.
  8. Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
  9. Do not use profanity, foul language or commit other violations of the true sportsman.
  10. At all times and under all conditions, make the community that you represent proud to have you as one of their citizens